The design of the entrance area of ​​the museum directly follows the current main entrance. The design consists of a sales area and a shelter that leads from the gate to the building. The store has two entrances: the main - which connects to the main pedestrian streets and the summer entrance. They are made up of large-format glass revolving doors that open into the museum courtyard and allow the interior of the extension to be connected with exterior - courtyard. Overheating of the interior is prevented with the help of metal slats.

The newly designed building is separated from the original old building in order to emphasize the contrast - historic with modern. The walls are made of large-format glass, the dressing room is designed with frosted glass. The supporting structure is made of a steel frame. the building is partly roofed with trapezoidal sheets, the other part closer to the courtyard is glazed. The layout is divided into several operations - shop, reception, cloakroom and exhibition space, which is a small taste of what later takes place in the museum - outlined by slats from above and from the side. There are glass shelves in the store premises, which do not disturb the glass facade.
Design of the entrance area of ​​the Kampa museum
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