The project solves the a complex of seven buildings with a common first above-ground floor, where garages and commercial areas are located. Above the common first above-ground floor, we propose houses by 2-3 floors with residential units. Entrances to the buildings are from the platform and common areas of the garages on the 1st floor. Loggias are designed on the top floor of each apartment building, which allow a beautiful view of the surroundings.

From individual residential buildings there is access to private gardens and terraces, which are located on a common platform. There are not only private gardens on the platform, but also gardens with spaces for residents to meet together. Loggias on the highest floors disturbed the purity of form of the original concept. For the sake of keeping it clean of architectural matter, it was proposed to extend the loggia with sliding panels made of perforated sheet metal. Other windows on the facade they are also shielded by sliding perforated sheets, which enables the variability of the facade. Shade panels on at the same time, the windows slightly "break" the fixed order and add life to the facade.
Complex of residential houses in Rakovník
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