The area in question is located in Prague in the Smíchov district. After years of planning, Smíchov will soon begin to change. The chosen location is also known for its symbols of the industrial era - the railway bridge and the Staropramen factory. At the same time, an important historical element in the panoramic views is the church of St. Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad.

The proposed concept responds to the longitudinal development system of Strakonická street and at the same time repeats the morphological shape of the bank of the Vltava. The proposed development is closed to the busy Strakonická road and, on the other hand, opens to the east towards the embankment and Vyšehrad. Strakonická is complemented by an accompanying barrier green avenue, then a park is designed inside the development.

Furthermore, the proposal creates a focal point for pedestrian routes - a central square with a view of Vyšehrad. From the area, you can transfer to the green embankment along the bank of the Vltava, which has a meeting point and refreshments near the existing historical buildings by the railway bridge. The floor level of the individual buildings depends on the surrounding buildings - along Strakonická street, the houses continue with the historical buildings, the connecting blocks have lower floors and gardens above. Buildings in the park have alternating floors 5 - 6 -7.

The materially unified brick facade is created using a module system that evokes the urban character of the building. Solitaires and houses along Strakonická street, however, look different - thanks to the different colors of the bricks. The industrial character of the balconies and the material solution refers to the proximity of the railway bridge and the brownfield.

The need to connect (optically and functionally) the new main pedestrian entrance to the territory (Strakonicka) with the landmark Vyšehrad creates a passage for buildings along the road in front of the street in Plzeňka. The connection of Strakonická Street and the main square improves the passability of the entire area and the entire central part becomes clearer.

In the solitaires, the top floor is designed as a retreat due to the location of the terrace for luxury 4+kk apartments. In the houses along the road, the roofs are designed as green with the location of a common terrace for residents.
Residential complex: Smíchov foreground of the railway bridge in Prague
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