The hall of the Bubeneč paper mill is located in Mlýnská street in the Bubeneč district. The building is located very close to Stromovka Park and the bank of the Vltava river. The assignment was a partial reconstruction and design of the interior of the hall and adjacent rooms. The design maintains the existing industrial theme of the paper mill.

The concept of the interior solution is to divide the space into 3 parts - the main multi-purpose hall, a cafe and a quiet zone/reading room on 2 levels. The multi-purpose hall can be used either as a theater with a demountable stage and folding elements or as a gallery space with mobile light exhibition panels. The entrance part of the hall is designed as a dark and low area of ​​the cafe, it has brick cladding and wooden furniture with metal elements. The dominant feature is the massive bar with playful lighting above it.

Above the bar on level 2 is an intimate quiet space with a small display and soft seating for working and reading. The central part of the hall is designed as a large minimalist space, intended for exhibitions or lectures and theater. It has spot lighting and a bright color solution. Hygienic facilities and rooms for storing mobile furniture are hidden in the back part of the space.
The interior of the Bubeneč paper mill hall
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